James Tully


Amateur criminal, professional detective.

Coax 1
Detect 3
Fight 1
Hack 4
Mobility 1
Operate 1
Prowl 4
Shoot 2
Treat 1



dependent on Syd Martini (deal, fix weapons, ride)
trusting of Killia Nine (deal, date)
loyal to Trisko Valdez (chop, fix drones, ride)

Goblin (linked, passengers, spheels, turbo, stolen)
Stinger (small, silencer, stolen)
Baton (blunt, linked, stolen)
Specks (display, gesture input, linked, sound)


Private Investigator, or at least that’s what I keep telling myself. I get up in the morning, scrape the gum off my shoe, knock some heads in and hope some answers fall out. These days the cops are too worried about high stakes cyber crimes, which celebrity has got her panties in a bunch, or refilling the mayor’s coffee. If you want someone found or if you need information I’m the one you call. Putting it simply, I find things, but I can’t guarantee you’ll like the answers. In a city where they feed lies directly into your brain, the truth is hard to come by and some people just aren’t ready for it.

James Tully is often referred to simply as Tully. He’s a man who gets things done whether it’s in the client’s best interest or not. He wears a white trenchcoat because some things just never go out of style. His speks were acquired after a client refused to pay him once. The man has a grim demeanor that he began using as a shield ever since his friends started getting sent to the clink. He still has connections in the criminal underworld and as much as he may try, he’ll always be one of them…because at the end of the day, it’s in the blood.

James Tully

From the Specks of James Tully, P.I. AlfredR